Aggelakis S.A.

AGGELAKIS SA is a fully integrated Greek poultry farming business located in Euboea Island, just a 100km from the biggest Greek port, Piraeus. Since 1962 the Aggelakis family business produces poultry products of excellent quality and taste, following the company's main values:

  • • Respecting the Greek poultry farming tradition
  • • Sustainable growth
  • • Commitment to business excellence(high safety and quality standards, continuous progress & innovation, customer satisfaction)
  • • Animal Welfare

The main production units of the company are:

  • • Privately owned poultry farming units with an annual capacity of 6 million birds.  
  • • Animal feed production facilities for the production of nutritional feed, with an annual capacity of 70.000 tons.
  • • Modern equipped poultry slaughterhouse facilities with an automated slicing unit. There are production lines for a) fresh poultry products exclusively from air-chilled chickens and b) deep-frozen chicken products.

The company is certified for the implementation of FSSC 22000:2005 (GFSI Standard) and Halal slaughtering as per GSO & UAE Standards.

Nowadays, AGGELAKIS S.A. cooperates with and supplies the largest Super Market and Mass Catering chains in Greece. The company is also supplier of Czech and Slovak Metro Group. AGGELAKIS is an approved supplier of YUM! Brands Inc, as much in Greece as abroad.

AGGELAKIS SA proudly presents the:

A unique chicken fed with Corn and Olive oil.

  • A product from Greece inspired by the Mediterranean diet
  • Thanks to the invaluable properties of the pure olive oil, in combination with the corn based diet, the chicken acquires a golden skin and meat.  
  • Superior Taste and Texture
  • OliVchicken® meat is tastier and tenderer and its fatty acids are diversified. It is well known that olive oil has a much higher nutritional value compared to other seed oils and is rich in vitamin E. Olive oil, in addition to selenium, the trace element, and due to its beneficial qualities, constitutes a healthier as well as a tastier choice for our daily meals.
  • Vitamin E, contained in olive oil, helps the absorption of selenium from the grains.
  • OliVchicken® : A chicken with Health claims
  • Thanks to the high content in Selenium the consumption of OliVchicken® contributes to:
  • • The protection of cells from Oxidative stress
  • • Normal Thyroid function
  • • Normal function of the immune system
  • • The maintenance of normal nails and hair
  • A multi awarded product
  • OliVchicken® has received several distinctions for its innovation, its superior taste and quality.

Our products: