Chrisanthidis S.A.

The reputation of “Chrisanthidis Handmade Kourabie from Nea Karvali-Kavala” known as the best kourabie in Greece, dates back to 1924, when the Greek refugees from Asia Minor brought the traditional recipe to the region as their only dowry.  However, the thread connecting their unique quality, taste and aroma, comes from Ancient Thrace and unfolds through the ancient Greek myth of Phyllis and Demophon, and the flowering almond tree as the symbol of love and hope that beats death.

According to legend, the fruit of such a tree holds all the purity of the soul of a woman in love – that fruit is one the secrets lying behind the unique recipe of “Chrisanthidis Handmade Kourabie”. Pure ingredients, selected through the strictest manufacturing procedures that meet the requirements set out in the IFS Food, love and an ancient Greek legend have made this small crispy crescent into a luscious burst enclosing thousands of small, loving memories.

Today, the company is located in a 5,000 sq.m. private site, featuring cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff.  Its business operations include three directions, wholesaling international and domestic markets, 3 Highway Rest Areas and a chain of 8 Bakery Shops.

Following a successful course of business in those industries, Chrisanthidis SA is now a leader in production and export across the globe of traditional Greek products such as Handmade Kourabie, Melomakarona, tsoureki and a new range of healthy cookies.

THE MASTERPIECE - Handmade Kourabie of N. Karvali with whole roasted almonds

Behind every traditional Chrisanthidis delight, lies a “family secret”. It’s the simplicity of combining pure ingredients to make a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is how Chrisanthidis SA creates a unique and fragrant taste experience, with no preservatives, that takes off the senses, making the traditional handmade kourabie with whole roasted almonds that has already won Superior & Great Taste Awards, “the best in town”. New flavors such as caramel, chocolate, PDO Chios Masticha, peanuts and hazelnuts, new sizes such us Bites and new packaging have been adapted to the dietary habits of the foreign countries so as to enable Chrisanthidis SA to broaden the range of this product.

Proudly baked in N. Karvali, Kavala